Five tips to recharge your engagement on Twitter

During the last twelve months, I’ve frequently found articles and printouts around the office, as well as hearsay from colleagues which suggest ‘this is the right way to engage your customers on social media’.

With the wealth of data available to us, it’s easy to lose track. In this blog post I’ve listed what I believe to be five top tips to engage users on Twitter.

1. Tweet at the weekend

Various sources have found that tweeting at the weekend is the time when you’re most likely to see engagement and clicks. What’s more, according to this article, just 19% of brands are tweeting during the weekend.

Why I think this works: It could be likely that because we tend to work Monday-Friday, 9-5pm, we only tweet in those hours. Interestingly, if everyone is at work during those hours, are they likely to be engaging on Twitter?

Sources: Danzarella, PracticalEcommerce, Yahoo! Advertising SolutionsRagan’s PR Daily, .

2. Use images

I’ve read many articles and reports that suggest including an image in your tweet will significantly increase engagement.

Why I think this works: With the integration of cards on Twitter, its become a lot easier for those looking through their feed to view an image without changing the page they’re on.

Sources: Buffer Blog, PracticalEcommerce, LikeableLocal.

3. Keep tweets short

Though tweets are capped at 140 characters, keeping them shorter is likely to attract even more engaged users. Different sources seem to quote a different length being most effective.

Why I think this works: Honestly, I think we are becoming more and more impatient having to search for information; anything we want to know is just a Google search away. Why would we want to decipher a tweet to get what we want?

Sources: Danzarrella (120-130 characters), ExpandedRamblings (<100 characters), Business Insider (71-100 characters), PracticalEcommerce (<100 characters).

4. Use the right words

Many sources claim that certain words are likely to increase engagement. Check each source to see what their list is, but effective words seem to include: ‘Please RT’, ‘retweet’, ‘check out’, ‘you’, ‘post’, ‘how to’, and ‘comment’.

Why I think this works: I believe when we read certain words our minds build up an image of what that tweet implies, for example when I read ‘comment’, I know there’s a probably discussion around the topic.

Sources: Danzarrella, ExpandedRamblings, Social Caffeine, Social Media Examiner.

5. Ask questions

We’re always looking for our customers to engage with us, but we need to engage with them first. Get conversation going, ask questions, create competitions, it’s all good.

Why I think this works: Engagement is a two way street, how can we feel entitled to our customers’ time if we aren’t willing to give it to them?

Sources: Social Media Examiner, brandchannel,, LikeableLocal, Social Caffeine.

Thanks for reading!

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch, please feel free to send me a tweet @mrjoeyp


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