How You Should Be Tweeting [Part Two] Sending A Clear Message.

This blog post is in two parts:

Part One: Why Tweet?
Part Two: Sending A Clear Message

Communicating effectively online is essential when setting up and working with your brand. Between your promotions/advertising and your target audience there is a minefield of obstacles that will cause distractions away from your message.

Since a brand is a personality that you want your audience to connect with, control is a priority. Any distraction or interference with your marketing communications will skew whatever image you are trying to create.

Whatever the message, it should be the same when your audience see it as it was when it left your brain, mouth or fingertips. For example, a humorous message can be seen differently by those sensitive to the subject matter, and end up giving the complete opposite message – this could end up alienating people away from your brand.

The Linear Model of Communication

Your message goes through five stages:

Linear Model of Communication

  1. Sender: you are the sender.
  2. Encoding: you encode your message in the form of advertisements/promotion.
  3. Transmission: the message is send across your chosen medium (eg. digital advertising, social media, outdoor print).
  4. Decoding: the message is interpreted and understood.
  5. Receiver: your target audience.

Between all of these five stages there is what is known as ‘noise’ – basically anything that can scramble your message during communication.

For example, in the real world you could opt to buy an outdoor advertisement: this advert could then be vandalised and be made to look less reputable and your brand image would suffer. The same rule applies for any other type of communication, if your tweet isn’t understood by your target audience, you’re in a public online environment where anyone has the right to a freedom of speech, just like the real world.


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