How You Should Be Tweeting [Part One] Why Tweet?

This blog post is in two parts:

Part One: Why Tweet?
Part Two: Sending A Clear Message

Many businesses still aren’t making the most of their online marketing tools. Organisations are often quick to sign up for a social media account to gain exposure, but don’t always take the time to get to know the platform they’re using.

Without taking the time to really understand the features of each social platform, and their audience, it’s easy to create something which could cause a potential or current customer to turn away.

When you choose to curate your brand identity online, it requires dedicated time towards planning and fine tuning. This is to make sure that all of your messages are both contributing to a return-on-investment (the time invested into social media) and engaging in a tone of voice that works with your brand.

A brand with a terrible online presence can sometimes make the brand look less reliable.

Case study

When marketing yourself online as an individual you want to stay away from the vast collection of mistakes many people have faced the brunt of. Everything done online is written in ink, not pencil and there will always be a trace of what has been said or done on social media.

Who will forget Rainn Wilson’s fail when he got tweets and DM’s mixed up when contacting his assistant. He tweeted:

@rainnwilson: Joanne – tell @DelTaco I will accept $12,000 to plug their shitty food. Thanks, Rainn.
…quickly followed by:
@rainnwilson: Loving the new @DelTaco Macho Bellgrande Burrito! It’s Beeftacular(™)!
For organisations, using social media has a range of uses:
  • to gain meaningful fans and consumers;
  • to push traffic to your website;
  • For Twitter: directly @reply or DM people and maintain a personal touch via the internet;
  • to captivate and interest your online audience;
  • to notify your followers/customers when there are offers and promotions;
  • For Twitter: spark up conversations between users with use of #hashtags;
  • to hold competitions;
  • to attract followers and customers by use of free samples and promotions;
  • to get people to share/retweet your content and to talk to their friends about you.
As you can see, there’s no reason for any modern business or organisation to not reach out to their target audience using social media. Just make sure you take the time to do it right.

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